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The Association was founded as an international organization with the aim of representing all European small and medium-sized enterprises in legal, professional, economic, social and cultural matters.

Its main goal consists in
Representing small and medium-sized enterprises and the self-employed from all European countries as well as EU-affiliated associations of small and medium-sized businesses, and to provide them with a representative office close to EU institutions.

Further, to be the official organization promoting the primary interests of all European small and medium-sized enterprises both to EU institutions and to a wider public. Since the EU seeks to enter into dialogue with entrepreneurs, the EUSME is also concerned with bringing the practical knowledge of its members to bear on new EU guidelines and regulations.

Europe in the 21st century: domestic market, expansion to the East, European Constitution, Harmonisation, etc. - the community is expanding and changing. New business opportunities will open, and at the same time, existing opportunities will be affected.

The following activities are therefore at the forefront of the Association´s work:

Pointing out the opportunities and risks for SMEs in both the existing and the future European domestic market;

Facilitating and promoting trade across national borders for our members through support of new markets for production and sales.

Of particular importance is the establishment of a network for the exchance and collection of information about opportunities and conditions for economic activities and personal contacts with possible business partners in other EU countries.

Countless actors and decision-makers, from a number of centres, with various sources of information about diverse circumstances, influence the political events taking place in Europe. For these reasons, the Association´s work must take into account the following general framework:

The EU institutions themselves, which for almost 50 years have amassed regulations and legal statutes, merit the particular consideration of the EUSME. Current projects of various kinds are also debated and elaborated there, and the association has a part to play in relevant ongoing developments. 
Knowledge of former and current plans, as well as projects, constitutes a substantial task. After all, a vast source of both print and electronic data about all aspects of the EU`s functioning provides the underpinning of all successful business.
It is the duty of the EUSME to tap this knowledge base for the good of our members, whereby EU programmes created for the support of small businesses, constitute an important component of this work.
Because European politics, economic and social policies, and to some extent EU-policies are still determined mainly at the national level, work at the level of Europe´s decision-making centres also forms part of the Association´s duties.
Without question, other organizations and associations at the EU level also support the aims of SMEs We will make every effort to coordinate our political activities with theirs.
The concrete handling of topics and projects takes place at the following levels of the Association:

President and Board of Governors
Assemblies of national or subsidiary sections
Forums for discussion
Working groups and Committees
Conferences, Symposia and Seminars
Management (through the contacts in Brussels and Munich)

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